As big as Rockland: Councillor believes in bright future

Francis Brière believes in a bright future for the Village of Limoges. Brière, the Ward 4 Councillor for The Nation Municipality, envisions that the young community could one day grow as big as the city of Clarence-Rockland. Mr. Brière addressed his community on Thursday night during a "Ward 4 Information Session." The Feb. 22, 2018 public session lasted more than 90 minutes and covered subj[...]

Citizens’ Committee launch VillageLimoges.ca website

The Limoges Citizens' Committee has launched a new online initiative for the Village of Limoges: a community-dedicated website at villagelimoges.ca. The new site replaces the previous PAC-Limoges website. "The new website will remain the central point of up to date information on Limoges activities, business groups, organizations and services for residents of Limoges, visitors interested in Lim[...]

Héros de la municipalité | Sigouin volunteers honoured

Rachel and François Sigouin from Village Limoges have been honoured with the Nation Municipality's Volunteer Award for their excellence in our community. The two volunteers were celebrated at The Nation Municipality's first annual Volunteer Gala on Saturday, Jan. 28. Volunteers were recognized from each ward in The Nation Municipality. Along with Rachel and François Sigouin, also honoured wer[...]

Centre leads Thursday snowshoe hikes in forest

The Village Limoges community health team has organised a series of snowshoe hikes for local residents 50 and over. The snowshoe hikes are every Thursday from Jan. 18 to Mar. 22 during the 2017-18 winter season. The 60-minute-plus excursions go from 1pm to 2:30pm in Larose Forest. Local residents are asked to meet at the P4 parking. There will be a 10 minute warm up before the hike as well as a[...]

Centre Estrie leads group exercises for 55+

The Village Limoges community health team is leading Group Exercise classes for people 55 and older. The indoor classes run Tuesdays and Fridays from Jan. 16 to April 5, 2018. The classes encourage adults to "stay active, improve strength and balance, adopt safe behaviours to prevent falls, and socialize." The classes are one hour long from 11am to 12.noon at the Centre de santé communautaire [...]