Limoges Night Run kicks off spring 2017

The Limoges Recreation Committee is organising the first Village Limoges Night Run on Saturday, Mar. 25, 2017. The fun run will feature both a 5km course for adults as well as a 1km course for kids. The weekend run coincides with the first Saturday of spring. The cost to enter is $20 for the 5km course and just $2 for the 1km course. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Limoges Recreation C[...]

Limoges Lagoon project earns $25k more in funds

The Limoges Lagoon project will cost The Nation Municipality an extra $28,280, bringing the total cost of the project to over $400,000. According to a report presented the municipality's council, "due to the additional scope and effort on the design and approvals phases for the Limoges Lagoon project, R.V. Anderson has requested an increase of the engineering budget." The additional amount requ[...]

The Nation votes 2018: St-Amour and Brière re-elected

François St-Amour has been re-elected as Mayor of The Nation Municipality and Francis Brière has been re-elected as Ward 4 councilor. The municipal vote concluded on Oct. 22, 2018. This will mark St-Amour's third term as Mayor, with this term to run from 2018-2022. Mr. St-Amour won the 2018 mayoral race with 1,855 votes, defeating both Danika Bourgeois-Desnoyers (1,468) and Denis Pommainville[...]

Donate, walk, run: Terry Fox Day in Village Limoges

Village Limoges will host the 2018 Terry Fox Run this Sunday, Sept. 16 at Parc Rodolphe-Latreille. The 2018 event starts at 9:30am (with registration open for donations starting at 8:30am). Walk, run, cycle, race your scooter, or portage a canoe around one of two Sunday courses with the goal of raising funds for cancer research. New this year is the community dog walk starting at 10am. About th[...]

Church plans sale of property at Limoges and Mabel

The lot at the corner of Limoges and Mabel roads – currently home to The Nation Municipality’s Public Works – has been offered for sale. The minimum starting price is $265,000 with offers “to be studied by the parish administration committee between Aug. 2-7.” The St-Viateur parish in Village Limoges is selling the property including both the land and the building. The building was pr[...]