Category: Limoges & Forest
13th November 2017 | New sidewalk and bench on Limoges Road
26th October 2017 | New Limoges water reservoir to be built by ASCO
13th October 2017 | Limoges Health Hub officially opens to grand applause
10th October 2017 | Jambel Jamaican-Belgian cuisine sold in Limoges
30th September 2017 | Village Limoges missing from Local Food Guide
26th September 2017 | Terry Fox Run, cancer research helps Limoges resident
23rd September 2017 | Larose Forest build new trail for bikes and shoes
22nd September 2017 | The Nation accepts Montojo bid for park pavillion
18th September 2017 | Fall 2017 yoga classes offered in Village Limoges
14th September 2017 | Horse ban confirmed from new bridge in forest
11th September 2017 | Donate: Terry Fox Run this Sunday in Village Limoges
5th September 2017 | Limoges Guardian Pharmacy open for business
3rd September 2017 | Corner store converts to Couche-Tard in Village Limoges
28th August 2017 | The Nation marks metres on Limoges park trail
25th August 2017 | Construction work begins on Canada Post expansion
24th August 2017 | Limoges Community Day at Boboul Pizza Restaurant
13th August 2017 | Dangerous storms break trees in Larose Forest
6th August 2017 | The Nation fixes deadly potholes in North Limoges
4th August 2017 | Fifty km/h zone extended on Limoges Road
24th July 2017 | New walking bridge installed in Larose Forest
23rd July 2017 | Traffic-calming collapsible medians in Village Limoges
3rd July 2017 | The Nation makes donation to Limoges Health Hub
2nd July 2017 | Police investigation closes highway at Limoges Road
30th June 2017 | The Nation explains Waste recycling strategy
23rd June 2017 | Limoges rallies ahead of Monday vote for SportsPlex
21st June 2017 | Journées Communautaire| Limoges Community Days
20th June 2017 | Morning glories brighten Village Limoges cenotaph
17th June 2017 | New sign points to hidden speed zone in North Limoges
13th June 2017 | The Nation Municipality issues mosquito statement
10th June 2017 | Kids climb new playground at École Saint-Viateur
5th June 2017 | Larose Forest trails open for 2017 season
2nd June 2017 | Guardian pharmacy to open in Village Limoges
31st May 2017 | The Nation publishes waste reduction targets
27th May 2017 | Limoges Bingo Nights continue through summer
25th May 2017 | Limoges Road paving runs north of old railway tracks
24th May 2017 | Limoges ball diamond project gets CIP 150 upgrade
10th May 2017 | Annual Larose Forest clean up initiative
9th May 2017 | Road Improvement Program will pave King Street
8th May 2017 | Mosquitoes disappear as snow falls in May
3rd May 2017 | Occasional forest art paints gloomy picture
30th April 2017 | Limoges blue box recycling down in 2016
23rd April 2017 | The Nation publishes Sportsplex letters of support
20th April 2017 | The Nation fills hole along Indian Creek Road
19th April 2017 | Oasis Mini Golf opens for 2017 season of fun
17th April 2017 | Happy teens enjoy Friday Open Play nights in Limoges
15th April 2017 | Apparent hit and run to roadside pedestrian sign
13th April 2017 | Limoges meets to underline Nation SportsPlex support
8th April 2017 | Watch out for the hole in the side of the road
5th April 2017 | Limoges supports plans for Nation SportsPlex
9th March 2017 | Limoges gym opened for teens & kids to just play