Apparent hit and run to roadside pedestrian sign

Posted on 15th April 2017 by monlimoges in Limoges & Forest,Village of Limoges

LimogesA roadside pedestrian sign on Indian Creek Road is the victim of an apparent hit and run in north corner of the Village of Limoges. The sign was broken near the base of the post and then dumped in the ditch.

Local residents have lifted the broken sign out of the ditch on Apr. 15, 2017. There was no indication as to when or how the sign was broken. The pedestrian sign was broken in the 80km/h zone, just a few metres before the slower 50km/h zone on Indian Creek Road.

The pedestrian sign is not the first sign broken in the north corner of Village Limoges. Last year, a street villain killed a road sign further down the road on the way to Larose Forest.

Speed is sometimes a problem in Limoges, especially on county roads where drivers fail to slow down despite clearly-marked signs for slower traffic.