As big as Rockland: Councillor believes in bright future

Posted on 22nd February 2018 by monlimoges in Limoges & Forest,Village of Limoges

LimogesFrancis Brière believes in a bright future for the Village of Limoges. Brière, the Ward 4 Councillor for The Nation Municipality, envisions that the young community could one day grow as big as the city of Clarence-Rockland.

Mr. Brière addressed his community on Thursday night during a “Ward 4 Information Session.” The Feb. 22, 2018 public session lasted more than 90 minutes and covered subjects such as “budget implications and capital expenses for our Ward.” The Councillor took advantage of the session to answer questions from the community for much of the evening.

As part of his opening presentation, Mr. Brière underlined several positive initiatives underway in Limoges, both by the Municipality and local residents. Some of those initiatives are the new ball diamond, the proposed basketball nets and outdoor equipment for local parks, paving and water projects, and Christmas lights for Limoges Road in partnership with Russell Township as spearheaded by the Limoges Citizens’ Committee.

Other points of discussion were the proposed Limoges Community Centre and Nation Sportsplex, the sale of the pavillion at Parc Rodolphe-Latreille, the commitment to create recreational programming for local residents, and the push to attract businesses and economic growth within the community.

When asked what he thought was most remarkable about Ward 4 and the Greater Limoges Area, Mr. Brière championed the local volunteers as the heartbeat to the community.

“Since I have been Councillor, I have come to realise that we have a very special group of volunteers,” said Mr. Brière. “We are the envy of everyone else, both from the sheer number of volunteers and what we accomplish as a group. It needs to be recognised and we should be quite proud of it. We get things done here.”