Brigil gets approval for Calypso Road subdivision

Posted on 22nd March 2018 by monlimoges in Limoges & Forest,Village of Limoges

WaterThe Nation Municipality have approved the draft plan for a subdivision off Calypso Road in the Village of Limoges. The plan was submitted by “3223701 Canada Inc. (Brigil), file 070-S-17-05, for the property located on Part of Lot 30, Concession 4 of the former township of Cambridge.”

The plan calls for a transformation at the corner of Limoges Road and Calypso Road into four blocks of commercial space which will be divided by two new roads. The plan also calls for three blocks for public purposes. The location of the lot is just opposite the Ultramar gas station on the south side of Calypso Road, just north of Highway 417.

Local residents have long anticipated the development at the southeast corner of Limoges and Calypso Road. As recently as 2016, the community were provided with Brigil’s development plans for the new Jardins Limoges, but the project has yet to commence. That project was actually first reported back in 2010 by Jean-François Dugas at Le Droit.

As part of the new agreement, “the Owner shall transfer to the Nation Municipality a block or blocks of land along Savage Street for future road widening and that the road allowances included in this draft plan be dedicated as public road.” The Owner will also transfer “to the local municipality 2% of the lot area of the property for park purposes or a monetary compensation of 2% of the value of the land being part of the Plan of Subdivision, before the construction of Phase 1, whatever and wherever the local municipality requires.”