Community celebrates 2018 Larose Forest Day

Posted on 24th February 2018 by monlimoges in Larose Forest,Limoges & Forest

Forêt LaroseFor the third time in four years, Village Limoges and nearby neighbours shared in the winter festivities at Larose Forest Day. The 2018 event took place on Saturday, Feb. 24th at P1 on Indian Creek Road. The special day also included a forest Fatbike race.

The forest festival ran from 10am to 3pm in Larose Forest, with the activities centered around the Henri Latreille Shelter at P1 parking off Indian Creek Road. Activities included snow cycle, cross-country skiing, running, snowshoeing and tubing. There were also snacks and drinks, marshmallow roasting, and a sleigh ride.

Just last year, Larose Forest Day was canceled because of the weather. Before winter editions in 2015 and 2016, Larose Forest Day used to take place in the fall.

In our region, Larose Forest is a 27,000-acre forest that features hardwoods, conifers (including red pine, white pine, and spruce), wetlands, and streams. It is noted as the second-largest planted forest in southern Ontario, a project initiated by Mr. Ferdinand Larose and local farmers in 1928. Today, the forest is managed by the United Counties of Prescott and Russell, spanning four Ontario municipalities (Russell, The Nation, Alfred-Plantagenet, and Clarence-Rockland) just east of the nation’s capital city of Ottawa.