Des idées pour Limoges | Ideas for a growing village

Posted on 17th May 2014 by monlimoges in Limoges & Forest,Village of Limoges

LimogesDo you have an idea that will help improve the village of Limoges, Ontario? This past week, we asked that question to members of the Limoges Citizens Committee, the Limoges Optimist Club, and the Limoges pick-up soccer club. Below we have captured a few of those ideas (along with a few of our own), be it for now or for the future development of our village.

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Everyone’s goal should be to improve life (and local life) in Limoges. If you have additional ideas, be it big or small, be sure to email us at limoges@monlimoges.ca.

Also, if you would like to share your ideas with other community members, take note that there will be a public workshop to help develop The Nation Municipality’s 2034 Strategic Plan. To take part in the June 3 workshop in Limoges, please email Mrs. Mary McCuaig at mmccuaig@nationmun.ca.

Avez-vous une idée pour notre communauté ? Cette semaine, on a posé cette question aux membres du Comité des citoyens de Limoges, le Club Optimiste de Limoges, et le Club de soccer féminin de Limoges. Voici quelque réponses pour le maintenant et pour le futur du village de Limoges, Ontario.

Notre but est l’amélioration de Limoges. Si vous avez des idées, sois grande ou petite, sois pour aujourd’hui ou pour demain, les envoyez à nous chez limoges@monlimoges.ca.

Et si vous aimerez partager vos idées avec d’autres dans la communauté, il y aura une séance de consultation publique le 3 juin 2014 pour le plan stratégique 2034 de la Municipalité de la Nation « par rapport aux aspects social, économique, culturel et écologique. » Pour inscrivez, envoie un courriel à Mary McCuaig chez mmccuaig@nationmun.ca.


Our own high school: The population in Limoges has quickly caught (and could soon surpass) populations in neighbouring villages of Embrun and Casselman, yet we don’t have a high school to call our own. The problem: we are exporting our greatest asset (the future leaders, business people, volunteers, and heroes) to other communities. The solution: establish a vision and a plan for Limoges that includes the opening of a high school in three to seven years, one that supports our families to stay together, to grow together, and even shop locally together here in Limoges.

A local medical centre or health care clinic: This one is already in the works thanks to the Limoges Citizens Committee and local partners. If life mimics art, then perhaps this script has already been lovingly written in La grande séduction (The Grand Seduction).

An indoor, multi-activity field house and community centre: Be it for soccer (Canada’s highest participation sport) or walking/running (with a track for both the young and old), Limoges needs an indoor community centre that will keep residents active in all four seasons (including the long, cold winters). Limoges has the opportunity to establish a centre that not only serves the local community, but also attracts visitors and enthusiasts from neighbouring villages. The centre needs to encourage people of all ages to be active. The centre could be attached to the high school (see “we need a high school”), or could be separate with “extensions” like a swimming pool found on school grounds (see “we need a high school”).

A retail strip for local businesses: Limoges has a handful of businesses, but needs another 20 or 30. The community needs to both promote and support this idea. Welcoming these businesses into our village will be the easy part, but keeping them in the village is crucial to the growth of Limoges (hence the reason we need to promote local living and local shopping, for example, see “we need a high school”). The wish list for local businesses includes a grocery store, a farmer’s market, a drug store (see “we need a medical centre”), a car and truck wash centre, a toy and/or Christmas store, a clothing store, a bike store, a sports goods store (perhaps attached to the community centre), and even a theatre that promotes both popular movies and the local arts.

A local hotel: There is already a plan to build a hotel in Limoges near Calypso Park, but the project has yet to break ground and get underway. Limoges attracts thousands of visitors every day during the summer months, but the visitors all return home or return to hotels in Ottawa or other communities. A local hotel will keep some of those visitors in the village at least over night, hopefully encouraging them to shop in Limoges (see “we need more local businesses”).

Paved bike (or walking) paths that join all corners of Limoges: The old dirt trail that extends beyond the south tip of Beaver Road should be paved for bikers to safely travel from the north side of Limoges (Cambridge Forest Estates) to the village core. As a bonus to promote healthy living and tourism, an extended bike path could be created to safely join the numerous villages of the United Counties of Prescott-Russell.

Additional sidewalks in Limoges: Additional or extended sidewalks are needed in certain areas of Limoges, starting with the route from Oasis Road to Limoges Road (where local businesses are positioned). Another passage is the north side of Des Pins, from the corner of Mabel to the Rodolphe Latreille Park at Des Bénévoles. Towards the north side of Limoges, a safe walking (or biking) passage is required around the north bend of Limoges Road towards Indian Creek Road. Towards the south side of Limoges, a safe walking (or biking) passage is required over the bridge above highway 417.

Christmas lights in December: There are already some spectacular Christmas displays that light up the streets in December. A series of Christmas lights that are illuminated around the village core, however, could lift the spirits and promote a visual identity for Limoges. Some Christmas carols and a central Christmas tree (to go along with the now annual Christmas parade) would also be ideal for the month of December.

Local parks that encourage play for families, pets and sports enthusiasts: Let’s start with a park for toddlers, suggested in the new development at the corners of Savage and Giroux. Let’s also build an enclosed dog park, one that allows our dogs to run free without a leash. Let’s also add two or three small-sided soccer pitches to encourage drop-in play for kids and adults. One or two of these enclosed “play” areas could be transformed from grass soccer pitch in the summer to outdoor hockey rinks in the winter. At least one small-sided pitch (say, 20 by 40 feet long) could feature artificial turf for an extended outdoor playing season.

Improvements to our parks and trails: Existing parks and structures can be improved. The bike/walk path at Rodolph Latreille Park could feature markings that identify distances of 250m, 500m and 1km. A two-sided practice/target wall would encourage ball play, with grass or turf on one side for soccer players and pavement on the other side for tennis and baseball players. Additional shading and water stations would be ideal for the hot summer months (as well as for those active in the spring and autumn months). A waist-high fence positioned by the soccer goals can be added to current design of St-Viateur elementary school. Additional hockey nets, similar to the ones used on the outdoor ice rink, could be added to the grass pitch at the same location (again for outdoor play). Nokomis Park, meanwhile, could be transformed into an outdoor skating path for the winter months, one which would offer a favourable activity for both residents and tourists.

Leverage Canada’s sesquicentennial anniversary: In conjunction with Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations in 2017, Limoges should coordinate its revitalization efforts around any national efforts. This could be the opening of one of the above-described businesses or recreational complexes, the arrival of any new municipal or provincial buildings, the beautification of areas around Limoges, or a monument that helps define the village and/or Limoges skyline.