Horse ban confirmed from new bridge in forest

Posted on 14th September 2017 by monlimoges in Larose Forest,Limoges & Forest

Forêt LaroseThe United Counties of Prescott-Russell have confirmed that there is no horseback riding along an updated path and new bridge on the west side of Larose Forest. The forest sign was erected in early September, less than two months after the new bridge and short climb were added to the popular trail.

In July 2017, the new walking bridge was installed to cross a narrow creek on the west side of the forest, not far off Indian Creek Road in North Limoges, Ontario. This new bridge replaced an old, popular bridge (nicknamed “Tanya” bridge) that was removed, along with a rope climb up a short but steep hill. From the new bridge, a new trail was built to climb the short hill. At the top of the hill, the walking/running trail weaves its way to Grant cemetery.

While riders can access most of this path that heads west from Grant cemetery, the old hill was steep enough to ward off any would-be riders considering the descent to the bridge. The new path, however, has been shaped with a descent/ascent that encourages forest cycling, which may otherwise be tempting to horseback riders, too.

Just last year, the United Counties of Prescott-Russell installed several walking bridges in Larose Forest. This year, the forest caretakers have added grips to the walking bridges.

In our region, Larose Forest is a 27,000-acre forest that was re-initiated in 1928 by Mr. Ferdinand Larose. It is noted as the second-largest planted forest in southern Ontario. The forest is managed by the United Counties of Prescott and Russell.