Larose Forest interior road closed for winter

Posted on 26th November 2016 by monlimoges in Larose Forest,Limoges & Forest

LimogesA road that travels through Larose Forest has been temporarily closed for the winter months. The closure does not, however, affect access to the forest’s primary parking spots on either the west or east side of the forest.

Near the west side of the forest, the “Road Closed” sign is located on Clarence/Cambridge Boundary Road, less than 1km after the Indian Creek Road/Grand Road intersection. The orange road sign is reinforced with two steel poles to ensure it doesn’t get smashed by a speeding vehicle like one incident earlier this season.

Along with the big orange sign, a new yellow caution sign explains that the road will receive “no winter maintenance.”

In our region, Larose Forest is a 27,000-acre forest that features hardwoods, conifers (including red pine, white pine, and spruce), wetlands, and streams. It is noted as the second-largest planted forest in southern Ontario, a project initiated by Mr. Ferdinand Larose and local farmers in 1928. Today, the forest is managed by the United Counties of Prescott and Russell, spanning four Ontario municipalities (Russell, The Nation, Alfred-Plantagenet, and Clarence-Rockland) just east of the nation’s capital city of Ottawa.