Limoges school below par on Fraser report

Posted on 12th December 2017 by monlimoges in Larose Forest,Limoges & Forest

LimogesA Report card on Ontario’s elementary schools has marked École Saint-Viateur in Village Limoges below par compared to “more than 3,000 anglophone and francophone public and Catholic schools (anda small number of independent schools) based on nine academic indicators from results of annual province-wide reading, writing and math tests.”

Saint-Viateur scored 5.1 out of 10 with a rank of 2,176th out of 3,064 elementary schools. Saint-Viateur previously scored 4.5 in 2016, but had higher scores of 6.6 and 6.2 in 2013 and 2014, respectively.

Saint-Viateur’s grade six students scored 3.1 in reading, 2.9 in writing, and 2.8 in math. Back in 2013, the school’s grade six students scored 3.5 in reading, 3.2 in writing, and 3.5 in math.

“The Report Card is a valuable tool for parents and educators, who can use it to find schools serving similar students elsewhere in the province that consistently perform better,” said Peter Cowley, director of School Performance Studies at the Fraser Institute. “By doing so, they can access success demonstrated by other similar schools so to improve their own school’s performance.”

The Fraser Institute also produced a report on Ontario secondary schools, but there are currently no secondary schools in Village Limoges.