Limoges supports plans for Nation SportsPlex

Posted on 5th April 2017 by monlimoges in Limoges & Forest,Village of Limoges

LimogesThe Village of Limoges is getting behind plans for the Nation SportsPlex, the planned multi-activity complex and community centre that will vastly improve local living in The Nation Municipality. The proposed project is a potential “game changer” for the growing community, from the health and wellness benefits from improved recreation services to the cultural and economic benefits that such a “living locally” project will inspire.

The project has been in the works for some time and the plans were recently presented to the public at a February “open house” event. In early April, a “letter of support” was been circulated for local residents to sign.

“The sports dome and community centre will help to meet the needs and demands of our growing community for activities, including sport, fitness and wellness, childcare services/programs, community events, etc. The benefits of this multi-use space will be countless, not only for the residents of Limoges, but for all areas of The Nation Municipality.”

The open letter also reads, “we urge the council members to pass the upcoming motion, so our community can continue to flourish and begin to take advantage of the new facility.”