New Limoges water reservoir to be built by ASCO

Posted on 26th October 2017 by monlimoges in Limoges & Forest,Village of Limoges

WaterASCO Construction Ltd. will build a new drinking water reservoir for the Village of Limoges in The Nation Municipality. ASCO Construction won the municipal contract for $899,801, plus taxes, ahead of bids by Louis W. Bray Construction and Thomas Fuller Construction.

The proposed new drinking water reservoir will be built behind the existing reservoir at the Limoges Water Treatment Plant on Limoges Road. ASCO Construction will build a “glass-fused-to-steel bolted water storage tank, including foundation, tank structure and tank appurtenances.”

The tank will “have a nominal diameter of 24.8 meters, with a nominal sidewall height (to roof eave) of 4.0 meters (and a capacity of) 1450 m3 at 3.6 meters liquid depth (usable volume).”

The work includes:
• Excavation, removal and disposal of soft landscaping elements to prepare footings for the new Limoges Drinking Water Reservoir
• Reshape the existing ground to divert run-off to swales and ditches
• Concrete work required to found the structure
• Backfill and place reservoir slab, including below grade piping, drains and water works
• Erection of reservoir structure, roof and external piping systems
• Swales and ditching to control surface run-off and erosion control
• Reinstatement of all landscape overburden materials and hard landscaping elements as detailed on the drawings
• Site piping and appurtenances
• Testing and disinfection in conformance with applicable regulations

Village Limoges is a young, endearing community nestled at the doorstep of Canada’s national capital region. Straddling both The Nation Municipality and Russell Township, the village borders the great Larose Forest, one of Ontario’s largest forests. As part of both municipalities, the village sits in the United Counties of Prescott and Russell.

As noted by ASCO Construction, the company “is committed to becoming the preferred single source construction solution and services provider in Eastern Canada. By staying focused on providing consistently outstanding service and value, we will warrant repeat and referral business which will fuel the growth of our people, our partners and our organization.”