New sign points to hidden speed zone in North Limoges

Posted on 17th June 2017 by monlimoges in Limoges & Forest,Village of Limoges

LimogesThe flourish of Spring has hidden a 50km/h speed zone sign in the north-east corner of Village Limoges. Fortunately, the Nation Municipality has posted a new sign to tell drivers that the slower speed zone is just ahead.

Last November, the 50km/h speed zone was extended by a few hundred metres on Indian Creek Road in North Limoges. The newly-positioned sign was clearly visible during the winter to traffic traveling west from Larose Forest.

With the Spring 2017 growth of leaves on the Indian Creek Road trees, however, the 50km/h speed sign was hidden to oncoming traffic.

Speed is very often an issue in this small residential section in North Limoges, which is less than a kilometre in length. Drivers often fail to slow down in either direction, maintaining the faster speed from the 80 km/h zones on either side. These faster speeds pose a danger to the local community, including children.

In the small northern community in the Village of Limoges (North Limoges or Cambridge Forest Estates), the residential section in and around Beaver Lane also features a 50 km/h zone.