Road Improvement Program will pave King Street

Posted on 9th May 2017 by monlimoges in Limoges & Forest,Village of Limoges

LimogesRussell Township is promoting a $200,000 “Road Improvement Program” that includes one road in Village Limoges. That local road work will improve the approximately 2 kilometre-long King Street, the longest road on the Russell side of Village Limoges.

The two other roads in Russell Township scheduled for improvement are St-Pierre Road from Route 300 and Burton Road from Hamilton. Neither of those roads are in the Village of Limoges. Road work signs were posted on May 8, 2017.

King Street is a dead end street that heads west from Limoges Road. It is opposite Des Pins Road in The Nation Municipality, which heads east from Limoges Road for approximately 3.5 kilometres.

The old pavement on King Street was stripped on May 8. The new pavement should be in place before the end of the month.