Speed Limit Sign goes missing in North Limoges

Posted on 2nd March 2018 by monlimoges in Limoges & Forest,Village of Limoges

LimogesAn Ontario Speed Limit Sign has gone missing from the main drag in North Limoges, otherwise known as Indian Creek Road. The “Maximum 50 km/h” sign likely went missing in February 2018, although most residents weren’t sure because the municipality’s less-than-a-kilometre request to slow down has been ignored for so long.

The sign was 60-75 centimetres in height with black letters on a white retro-reflective background. The sign was “accompanied immediately below by a sign bearing the markings “BEGINS / DÉBUT ” and it was erected on a wooden post.

Another sign that warns motorists of the approaching 50 km/h speed zones is still in its place. Most local residents are respecting the zone, but most out-of-towners have refused to slow down. Local runners and dog walkers have been at peril.

Local residents that have any information that might lead to an explanation are asked to contact us on Twitter.

Signs are a problem in the north corner of Village Limoges. At the other end of the 50km zone heading east on Indian Creek Road, the Speed Limit Sign is hidden by a tree. Once upon another time, a pedestrian sign was broken. At least two other times, street villains killed the “Road Closed” signs on the way to Larose Forest.