The Nation discusses recreation plans for Limoges

Posted on 20th April 2016 by monlimoges in Limoges & Forest,Village of Limoges

LimogesThe Nation Municipality has re-confirmed their wish to build a new recreation and community centre in the Village of Limoges. At a special meeting on Apr. 18, 2016, The Nation Municipality’s Chief Administrative Officer and Clerk Mary McCuaig presented the “RFP for a P3 in Park Savage.”

As explained by The Nation Municipality, it is “a Request for Proposal from businesses that are interested in developing recreational facilities on Savage Park in Limoges. This is a P3 (private-public-partnership) request, in which The Nation Municipality would rent the land (Savage Park) to the business who would manage the recreational facilities on said land.”

The establishment of a Limoges Recreation Centre has long been on The Nation Municipality’s wish list. As recently as last November, a published report on The Nation Municipality’s recreation needs reminded us that, as part of the strategic plan towards 2034, that The Nation Municipality will “identify and acquire a site for a new major recreation/community facility in Limoges (short-term priority).”

The Village of Limoges is a growing eastern Ontario community located just outside the edge of Canada’s capital City of Ottawa, also bordering the great Larose Forest. Part of the village belongs to The Nation Municipality (the eastern and northern tip) while part of the village belongs to Russell Municipality (to the west of Limoges Road).