The Nation publishes Sportsplex letters of support

Posted on 23rd April 2017 by monlimoges in Limoges & Forest,Village of Limoges

LimogesThe Nation Municipality has published two letters supporting the proposed project for a new SportsPlex and community centre in Village Limoges. The two letters were written by the Limoges’ Citizens Committee and Club du Bonheur.

The Sportsplex is a potential “game changer” for The Nation Municipality, a landmark complex that will promote social and economic development, inspire “living locally” culture and heritage in a dynamic municipality, and support much-needed health and wellness programs for community hubs like Village Limoges, neighbouring St-Albert, and other communities in the larger national capital region.

Wrote Francois Sigouin for the Limoges Citizens’ Committee, our current recreation facilities no longer meet the needs of our community and we must move forward. Alongside offering sporting activities, we believe the dome could serve as a gathering place to entertain concerts, family reunions, garage sales, and other community activities.”

Wrote Réjean Legault for the Club du Bonheur de Limoges, “we believe the sports dome and community centre will become gathering places for the immediate and surrounding communities and will provide sporting activities essential for the majority of age groups. The possibilities to create other community activities that are entertaining, educational, and cultural will be limitless.”