The Nation publishes waste reduction targets

Posted on 31st May 2017 by monlimoges in Larose Forest,Limoges & Forest

recyclingThe Nation Municipality is hoping to further enhance “an aggressive recycling strategy” at the Limoges Landfill Site. Despite showing significant improvement from 2015 to 2016, The Nation Municipality’s “existing programs are interpreted to be below the provincial target, but its diversion rate is higher than most municipalities.”

The Nation Municipality’s waste reduction targets were recently published as part of the 2016 Annual Operations Monitoring Report for the Limoges Landfill Site. The report was submitted on March 31, 2017 to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change District Manager and published to The Nation Municipality’s website.

The Nation Municipality’s waste diversion program consists of the following:
Promotes backyard composting to divert organic material such as kitchen waste and
yard waste
Operates a curbside multi-material blue box program
Organize a household hazardous waste day event
Segregates the following material at the landfill:
-scrap metal
-natural wood products (branches)
-yard waste
-paper, cardboard
-plastics with recyclable sign
-Electronic and electric equipment
-household batteries (through Call 2 Recycle)
-farm plastic (used for hay bales)
-re-use area

As explained in the report’s waste diversion/recycling programs, “the diversion rate for The Nation Municipality is presently at 27% by weight and 45% by volume, which is significantly higher than previous years and shows a steady progression.” The Nation Municipality’s diversion rates, however, “should be further enhanced with diversion of all reusable items and clean wood products in the near future and more accurate data from landfill sites.”

Local residents can read the full 40-page Limoges Landfill Site report on The Nation Municipality’s website, as The “Waste diversion/recycling programs” is section 5.1 in the report, as prepared by The Nation Municipality and Golder Associates, Ltd.