Les loisirs | The Nation’s report on recreational needs

Posted on 22nd November 2015 by monlimoges in Limoges & Forest,Village of Limoges

LimogesThe Nation Municipality has published their report on recreational needs. The report covers the Village of Limoges (and Cambridge Forest Estates) as well as Saint-Isidore, Fournier, St. Albert, St. Bernardin, Forest Park, and Ste. Rose.

In building the report, The Nation Municipality conducted five public meetings in late September and early October 2015. The meetings were conducted to “obtain the public sentiment on recreational needs and to present the results of the written surveys.”

Emerging themes included: the creation of a municipal recreation committee; ensuring that parks remain open; the encouragement of volunteerism; and that community centres are the hear of the community.

The report identified six recommendations. The report also noted, as part of the strategic plan towards 2034, that The Nation Municipality will “identify and acquire a site for a new major recreation/community facility in Limoges (short-term priority)”.

Recommendations and costs

Establish a Municipal Recreation Committee with one member from each of the local volunteer committees, a Council representative and a staff representative. This will result in a 8-10 member committee. Estimated cost minimal as this is a volunteer committee.

Provide a yearly budget for promotion and advertising. Estimated cost $50,000.00 per year.

Increase availability of programs such as soccer, swimming. Estimated net cost $50,000.00.

Publicize in a better way the activities available at the various parks and centres. Estimated cost $20,000.00 per year.

Re-purpose the halls to better suit today’s needs. Estimated net cost will depend on design and use.

Establish partnerships with neighbouring municipalities. This should be 100% user pay cost recovery.

Recommandations et coûts
– Créer un Comité municipal de loisirs comprenant un membre de chacun des comités bénévoles locaux, un représentant du Conseil et un représentant du personnel. Cela créera un Comité 8-10 membres. Coût estimatif minimal pour le comité volontaire.
– Prévoir un budget annuel pour la promotion et la publicité. Coût estimatif 50,000.00$.
– Accroître la disponibilité des programmes tels que soccer, natation. Coût net estimatif 50,000.00$.
– Mieux publier les activités disponibles aux différents parcs et centres. Coût estimatif 20,000.00$.
– Réorienter les salles pour mieux répondre aux besoins d’aujourd’hui. Coût estimatif selon le design et les usages.
– Établir des partenariats avec des municipalités avoisinants. Le coût devrait être 100% payer par les usagers.